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Our Favorite Links

Below are some of our favorite people and their webpages on the net. If you would like to have your webpage featured here then please go to our ADDURL page and complete the form there. We would be honored to have your page featured here. In the top right corner of this page is a Find in Page search engine. You can type in a word and it will be highlighted. Just keep clicking Find and and the search box will follow each highlighted word. If you do not want to use this resource just click the X above the box.

We at Christian Heart may or may not endorse the doctrines, statements, ideas, or beliefs of the webpages below. We do believe that the websites are created by people who love God and His Blessed Son.

Dr Scott Lamshed Wilcannia River of Life
Keywords: Jesus Christ, Revival, Aboriginies, Australia
Description: Mission oriented site working with the Australian Aborignies, includes pictures, sermons and more exciting information!

The Vaughns What's Cooking? A Tasty Smattering of Food for the Body, Mind and Heart
Keywords: mediations, once-a-month cooking, literature
Description: Our home page features my wife's writings (food for the heart) and information on once-a-month cooking (for the body). There are also links for the mind, plus a "bookshelf" of links from me (currently being updated).

Daniel Miller Catholic prayers in the Holy land
Keywords: prayer, prayer request
Description: A guide of Bible places in the Holy Land, site of catholic community in the Holy Land

Meredith Rice The Country Chapel and Refuge
Keywords: Jesus Holy Spirit Word Bible Christian Refuge Camp retreat
Description: The Country Chapel and Refuge is a Spirit-filled, Word church and Refuge (Christian Camp). We are located in northern Idaho, among our Lord's magnificence. Come visit. Our telephone number is 208-877-1282. Thank you and blessings.

George Atha Fast Exit to Heaven
Keywords: Rapture, imminent, abrupt, pretribulational, practical daily hope
Description: A former amillennialist, now premillennialist, has discovered that the imminent Rapture is plainly shown in Scripture.

Doug Britton Practical Biblical Resources For Daily Living
Keywords: marriage,parenting,depression,anger,communication,money,jealousy,insecurity,sex,self esteem,temptation,small group leadership,sin,guilt,shame,spanking,cell group,home fellowship,mental health,counseling,mentoring
Description: Biblically-based books and free online studies and quizzes on marriage, parenting, communication, sex, money, other family topics. Also on depression, anger, jealousy, insecurity, self esteem, self-pity, temptation, small group leadership and more.

James Dyson Black Gospel lyrics
Keywords: black gospel lyrics gospel music
Description: Christian resources and products

Temitope Oyetomi Joy and Truth Ministries, Inc.
Keywords: Christian bookshop, exhort and encourage Christians,free books,intercession and prophecy,
Description: Joy and Truth promotes Christian unity. FREE PAPERBACK and e-book editions of their literature may be obtained upon request.

Abby B Conley The Night Jesus Came To Visit
Keywords: Jesus,testimony,vision,apparition,encounter,love,inspiration
Description: I am an eye witness that HE lives! When I was a little girl Jesus Christ came into my room. As my life unfolded, I understood why HE came. This web page is about my personal life story, and about the night Jesus came to visit me.

Benetta Strydom The Bible’s Way to Victory over ADHD and Other Childhood Challenges
Keywords: ADD, ADHD, ODD, Conduct Disorder, Tourette's Syndrome
Description: This free online book provides sound answers on preventing and overcoming behavioral, emotional and learning problems, including ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), Conduct Disorder and Tourette's Syndrome.

Philip and Chette The new TSS Christian Page, serving for the GLory of God
Keywords: Serving for the glory of God! an Online Ministry
Description:Spreading God's Love online, saving people.. an instrument of God, chat, testimonies, fanfics and a lot more.

Webmaster Saint Martin Norris Bank
Keywords: Anglican,prayer,services,vicar's letter,the heavens, humour
Description:Over 20 pages covering the life of a suburban Anglican parish church. All sorts here, for all sorts!

Stephen Wilcox Restoration of Christian Marriage
Keywords: marriage divorce remarriage salvation
Description:An in-depth analysis of what early Christians believed and what the Bible says about marriage, divorce and remarriage.

Liesl Alexander Free To Live Ministries
Keywords: healing Ministry, Author, evangelist, speaker,Testimony
Description: Testimony in book, video and cd, worshop on wounds and bondages healing and deliverance. an amazing testimony og How God set Liesl Alexander free from life in a cell committed for life,severe mental illness, an atheist, no hope a drug addict... God can do anything absolutely anything, He can heal the sick, heal the mentally sick, and set the drug addict free.

Jimmie McKnight Jimmie McKnight's Word and Song Ministries
Keywords: Evangelist, evangelism, music ministry
Description: We are an evangelistic ministry supporting the entire body of Christ through the melodic and spoken word.

Vernon Kuenzi Restoring Prophetic Vision of the End-times Church
Keywords: end times, prophetic, prophecy, rapture, tribulation, end of the world, end of the age, armageddon
Description: An end-times Bible teaching calling the Church to victory in demonstration of the wisdom of the cross of Jesus Christ.

Judith Bronte Journey of the Heart and Other Love Stories
Keywords: Christian Romance Novels, Christ-centered stories, love stories
Description: Christ-centered stories: online Christian romance novels

Traci DePree Traci DePree -- Christian fiction author
Keywords: Christian, fiction, author, editor, bestselling, award, inspirational, contemporary, writing, editing, novel, Christian fiction, Christian Fiction author, Christian fiction editor
Description: Author and editor of award winning best selling Christian fiction

Margaret Brittain Stormee's Christian Poetry
Keywords: Inspirational Uplifting Encouraging Christian Poetry
Description: Inspirational and uplifting Christian poetry

Description: ANSWERS ALL ENDTIME BIBLE PROPHECY QUESTIONS, has links related to current events, and includes an EXCITING FICTION STORY, about being LEFT BEHIND after the RAPTURE, called "EVE OF THE LAST DAYS"

Angeline Marshall-Williams Glory To Jesus Christian Digest
Keywords: Christian,church,freedom,deliverance,Bible, soulwinning, salvation,testimonies,evangelism INCLUDEd
Description: Glory To Jesus Christian Digest is brought forth in a practical, easy-to-read, easy-to-carry format. Many enjoy its relevant, life-changing and often surprisingly fresh approach. It is a catalyst for change and hope for thousands.

Bob Hope is the Last to Die
Keywords: Multiple Sclerosis MS My story links meds photos PRAYERS
Description: ms poems quotes prayers links meds vitamins prayer request page

Robert Slater Bible Questions Seldom Asked and Never Answered
Keywords: bible questions answers studies study scriptures mysteries mystery secrets
Description: Why say, "In Jesus' Name"? Thank God for "everything"? No thanksgiving in the Lord's Prayer? God "allows" evil? Bible questions requiring Bible answers.

Liesl Alexander Free To Live Ministries
Keywords: testimony/Speaker
Description: I was an atheist, brought up in a "haunted house" filled with fear.....

David Almgren Kidz On Earth Online Store and Activities
Keywords: Veggietales, Bibleman, Bob, Larry, coloring, games, children, family, Kipper, The Wiggles.
Description: Kidz On Earth offers family friendly activities and an online store that features Veggietales, Bibleman, The Wiggles, Kipper and more!

Niki Free And Frugal
Keywords: web site resource, daily prayer, free website content
Description: A simple cut and paste method to add a daily prayer suggestion to your web site. This is a great way to add to your web site content. Check out the christian resources and freebies too!

Webby-Lee 2 Be Friends Christian Community
Keywords:christian, Jesus, God, friends, mail, chat, forum
Description: Christian community that encourages and accepts you for who you are. Facilities include forum,chatroom, mail services or search the directory, leave a prayer request, and so much more all for free.

Jeff Van Beaver Acts 1:8 Ministry
Keywords:Church, Jesus, God, Outreach, Outreach training, Evangelism, Pastor, Missions
Description: Acts 1:8 Ministry is a non profit organization that provides a FREE Outreach training kit, and consulting services to Churches. Our Purpose- Toreach Lost Souls for Christ through planned acts of Christian Kindness

Jim Wilburn, Pastor Belen Christian Church
Keywords:Church, Christian Churches, New Mexico Churches, Belen, New Mexico, Christian
Description: "Welcome to Belen Christian Church! I pray that when you join us in person in worship that your time with us will be that of comfort and enrichment." "Let me tell you that our number one goal at BCC is to bring glory to God and His son, Jesus through the Holy Spirit. We believe that goal is best met by caring for every person God brings across our path to experience a love relationship with God that is real and personal. We want you to know that God loves you and desires for you to personally know Him." "If you have any questions feel free to contact us (by phone, e-mail, or in person. HAVE A GREAT DAY, and remember, there is hope in Jesus Christ."

Lori The Proverbs 31 Woman
Keywords:Christian, women, faith, hope, poetry, ezine, business
Description: This site was created to bring others to the life-changing knowledge of Jesus Christ; provide information on improving health; and to minister hope and encouragement to all who visit.

Pastor Joe Aghomi Prayer House ministries
Keywords:Prayer, holiness, interpretation of dreams, prophecy
Description: Prayer house Ministries is a ministry where we believe prayer changes situations. The lord has blessed us with understanding the things of the spiritual. This is because the spiritual controls the physical.

Anthony Andora LLR Gospel Music
Keywords:Gospel Music, Contemporary Catholic Music, Black Gospel, christmas music
Description: LLR Gospel Music offers the best diverse online selection of the latest Gospel Music releases as well as hard to find Gospel titles.

Char Tierney The Table of the Remnant
Keywords:Jesus, Christ,Remnant,Father,Holy,Spirit,prophet
Description: A site from the Father, especially in war, to point the way to knowing Jesus as well as anyone we know on earth.

Karl Kohlhase Karl Kohlhase, Contemporary Christian Music
Keywords:contemporary christian music lyrics
Description: Contemporary acoustic reflections on the teachings of Christ

Teresa The Paradise of Jesus
Description: Nice Christian website about Jesus and God. Contains bible verses, paintings and more

Ernie Collins All4Him Ministries
Keywords: Inspirational , Motivational , Encouragement
Description: Christian Business Website Specializing In Inspirational Poems,Buttons, And Other Products & Services

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